Countdown to Summerdance 2015 – 2 Weeks to go!


Countdown to Summerdance 2015 – 2 Weeks to go!

May 17, 2017

There are only 2 weeks left until the start of Summerdance! In today’s blog post we focus on one of the many fun class offerings, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, origami.

The origami classes are taught by Yuki Kittaka, who is also a ballet and tap teacher at BAE. Miss Yuki is originally from Japan where she performed with the Ei Kasahara Ballet Company and the Chubu Festival Ballet Company.

Miss Yuki shares, “I was already working at BAE when the Summerdance program started. The school’s director, Julia Dubno, thought adding origami to Summerdance was a great idea and she asked to me to teach it. Julia had found about origami through her son, Benjamin. He learned it at school, and loved it. Thank you Benjamin!

I am planning to teach the children a few simple origami creations which all start from the same base. That way they can memorize the whole process. Most them are not used to folding the paper, so repetition is important, especially at the beginning.

Children can enjoy origami anywhere, anytime.  The way a piece of paper transforms into different shapes stimulates their imagination and can also be a great communication skill.  Using their hands is good for their brains!”

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