My Life at BAE


My Life at BAE

May 17, 2017

Alma, in Level 5 of the BAE Pre-Professional Division, writes about her BAE experience.
I’ve been a student at Ballet Academy East since I was two and a half years old!
From leaping over flowers in Pre-Ballet, to developing strong ballet technique and performance skills in the Pre-Professional Division, I have loved being a student here. I have learned so much from all my teachers and I look forward to every class. It’s so thrilling to dance to live music.

Rehearsing and performing with my friends is very special to me. Learning a ballet, performing it on stage with everyone, and sharing with the audience what we have learned is so much fun. The older, advanced students are always around to help the younger kids. Everyone is kind to one another. It feels more like we are a family than a school!

I have made so many friends at BAE and have shared so many good experiences with them. We continue to make lifelong memories together.

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