BAE\’s First Blog Entry

BAE’s First Blog Entry

May 17, 2017

I am so excited to be the first to contribute to Posts with a Pointe and connect with the online community.

As the newest studio manager, I have the pleasure of being involved in many of the day-to-day happenings here at BAE and I invite you to experience all that is happening along with me.Throughout the year we will be adding new posts, sharing with you the goings-on at BAE, all of its programs, performances, news and events. You’ll get to meet the very talented people who keep the studio running smoothly, and the students dancing!

BAE’s fall term is off to a great start. The studios are filled with tiny dancers clad in pink, aspiring pre-professional students, and adults of every level, all inspired and looking forward to a great year ahead.

As the year progresses, we want to reach out to you for your thoughts and feedback.  Is there a part of BAE you would like to know more about? Is there a ballet question you’d like answered? Is there a faculty member you’d like to hear from?

Join the discussion and leave your comments below!
See you around BAE!
Katie Eletto

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