Countdown to Summerdance 2015 – 3 Weeks to go!

Countdown to Summerdance 2015 – 3 Weeks to go!

May 17, 2017

There are only 3 weeks left until the start of Summerdance! In today’s blog post we focus on the unique and fun art program.

Our daily art classes take place right downstairs from BAE at the very popular and highly regarded Craft Studio. Owner Lindsey Peers plans and directs the BAE Summerdance art program.

Lindsey shares, “The Craft Studio has been a part of Summerdance for many years. It’s a highlight of our year!  We love seeing the joy in the children’s faces every day when they arrive for class.”

The children start a new, excting project each week of Summerdance, using different techniques and materials. By Thursday the children have completed their beautiful works of art, which they’re ready to bring home and proudly display.

Art at Summerdance is always a fun adventure!

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