New BAE Student Tallison Costa from Brazil


New BAE Student Tallison Costa from Brazil

May 17, 2017

Tallison Costa started attending Ballet Academy East four months ago and is already performing leading roles in BAE’s upcoming Spring Performance. He will dance the principal role of Franz in this May’s production of Coppélia Act III. He will also dance a principal role in Alan Hineline’s de l’innocence.

Tallison was bit by the ballet bug when he was 11 years old and living in Brazil. He was introduced to ballet through a dance project offered by his middle school. He started taking classes at a small dance school, and, at age 14 attended a summer intensive at a larger school in San Paulo. Here he was exposed to dancers with more advanced technical levels. This fueled his desire to become a better dancer and he made a determination to commit to perfecting his technique.

But how did Tallison end up at BAE in New York City from a dance school in San Paulo Brazil?

Why did you want to attend BAE?
It was always my dream to live abroad and to go to a good school that could offer me strong training and opportunities to get in a good company. These are things that would not be possible if I stayed in Brazil. BAE could offer me this – strong technical training, an amazing faculty and different dance styles that I was not used to learning.

Can you describe what your experience has been like at BAE?
BAE has an amazing faculty. All the teachers have a lot of experience and information to help us achieve a higher level of dance. In these past four months I’ve already been noticing a difference in my body. The training here is much more focused on a clean and precise technique. It’s more than just learning to execute steps.

The opportunities we have to work with excellent choreographers and different styles is a new experience for me. Being here is really important for enriching my future as a dancer.

What sacrifices have you made to attend BAE?
BAE really helped me come to NY and is still being very supportive. But my major sacrifice is being so far from my family. It’s also been a challenge to come to a country with a different language and culture.

Why are you excited about the Spring Performance?
I think it is important and a great experience to have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. It’s also the first time I’m dancing principal roles. Learning to dance Coppélia’s Franz has been challenging because it’s not just the steps that are really demanding but also learning how to incorporate the character’s personality.

My role in de l’innocence is similarly demanding but has a different feeling because of its unique style. I feel I have to be more fluid and show a different personality in that role.

How do you think BAE is preparing you for your future?
The attention I receive from the teachers, the classes I take and all the work we are put through every day are elements that are helping me improve not only technically but also in how to become and act like a professional. BAE is giving me what I need to get into a company as a professional dancer.

Please join us in watching Tallison Costa perform for the first time in the United States at this month’s BAE Spring Performance.

Photo: Rosalie O\’Connor

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