Summerdance is Here

Summerdance is Here

May 17, 2017

Spotlight on Miss Caitlin Maxwell. Learn what fun classes she is planning for Summerdance 2015.

Caitlin Maxwell has been teaching at BAE since 2005. One of her favorite times of the year is Summerdance because she gets to teach a huge variety of classes, including jazz, musical theater, singing and tap. Miss Caitlin shares her thoughts on Summerdance below.

CM: I originally came to BAE as a Summerdance counselor ten years ago. From there, I became an assistant and then a head teacher. I’m really fortunate because I get to teach some of the most fun and exciting Summerdance classes. I will be teaching lots of jazz, musical theater, singing and tap classes. In addition to ballet, these were my favorite classes to take when I was younger, and I can’t wait to pass the fun on to the BAE students. For musical theater, I have chosen fantastic songs and created exciting choreography, which will involve props to give that real “Broadway” effect. I’m really looking forward to this summer!

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